Fanta Another Project - 1st Semester

Fanta Another Campaign

Project Brief:
For the Fanta project we were asked to think of a concept which would help widen their target audience (Fanta), the whole motive of the project/campaign was to think big and take advantage of your creative mind. So throughout our creative processing, we used mind-maps and brainstorming, including negative brainstorming to finally decide on a final idea, which we thought would be most suitable.

The concept essentially consists of, allowing the open public to engage with exciting activities and interact with others of the public. Just to clarify our concept enables Fanta customers to purchase the “new campaign can” from Fanta, which then gives you the chance to enter a drawing contest and also participate in the #FantaFunBack Tents, where you can meet other contest participants and enjoy FantaFun time together, complimented by Fanta.

My Reflections...
During the process of this project, I understood the importance of commitment and effective creative thinking. Also i was sure to listen to any ideas my group members felt to express and provide them with reasonable and concrete feedback.

But most importantly, I believe I've gained sufficient knowledge and experience in thinking outside the box to come up with a better, alternative solution to a problem or objective during this project, which i know will aid me in future projects or even out in the real world which I can use and apply.