Lulu's Lingerie Campaign Project - 2nd Semester

For starters I am quite pleased I’ve managed to get to this point of the year without losing interest and still staying optimistic and curious on what’s to come.

Project Brief:
Right, so essentially this project focused on all the general aspects of what we learned during the first year of this Program, (Multimedia Design and Communication). Covering communications, design, programming and marketing/business analysis. We were asked to create an awareness campaign for an up-and-coming womens lingerie brand, Lulu’s Drawer, yet combining all the mentioned key aspects to create the campaign.

With Lulu’s Drawer being a Scandinavian based brand, I believe it made it somewhat simpler for us since the data collection parts were narrowed down, allowing us to make good use of market analysis and gathering relevant information. During this project our skills were really tested, since we had to think professionally, brainstorming ideas to help create awareness for the newly introduced brand and ensuring sustainability & credibility within their market.

Listed elements in regards to the project below: