ST/ART - E-Magazine - 2nd Semester


Get Some Urban Inspiration Right Here!

Project Brief:
During this project we were asked as a group to think of and design our own magazine, with a topic of our own choice and explain how this magazine would benefit the public, more importantly our target audience which we had to analyse and identify.

In terms of our creative thinking stages, we discussed several potential topics and finally decided to go with an Urban inspired culture/lifestyle theme and with ST/ART being the name. It will consist of Art and culture related stories, articles, interviews and of course plenty of exciting compelling self-taken photos (NO STOCK PHOTOS!).


We decided to make this a non-profitable E-Magazine, which will be free to anyone, providing the convenience for our audience allowing them to benefit the service. Although, also decided to have a sponsor, being UrbanOutFitters, here in Copenhagen. Helping them advertise their brand through our Magazine, and them keeping us sustained.