Madrid Street Safari - Campaign - 3rd Semester

During our 3rd Semester, we were introduced to the electives courses which consisted of several individual projects. We had the option to pick a project to work on, and in my case I decided to go for the campaign project. Essentially this project revolved around going to Spain, Madrid for 2 weeks and ultimately produce a campaign based on a chosen topic.

Project Brief:
Now in terms of the Campaign project, we were essentially asked to come up with an awareness campaign for a tourist company and base our idea/topic on the company. Taking as much as possible into consideration, for instance, marketing strategies, types of printed media and of course deciding on the type of platform to showcase the content, this being a Landing page.

The methods of creating awareness to this campaign, was producing a teaser video, showcasing a preview of our tourist service, the use of social media and lastly providing an App to go along with the video.

During the duration of this project I was a part of a group of 5 members – including myself… we decided on a work-flow going against our project plan, to equally distribute tasks within ourselves to promote a steady yet productive workflow, meeting our deadlines.

Listed elements in regards to the project below:

Our Video Concept