Video Production & Database Project - 3rd Semester

To kick-start the 2nd year of the Multimedia Design & Communications program we were introduced to quite of a heavy project, consisting of constructing a Database, including entity relations modelling which we initially had to create in order for the database to be established. This was one part of the Project…

The 2nd part was essentially about video production, coming up with a video concept explaining how web-servers operate in a clear and understandable manner, primarily aimed at students, so it had to be thorough!

It obvious that this project was group based, so I am glad to say I was a part of a productive group, in which where we came up with several interesting ideas, in regards to the video concept during a brainstorming. Not to mention, we were also introduced to a new method of project planning, which was scrum analysis and came in handy with managing project tasks and keeping up with the duration of project milestones, also since we were working as a group it was perfect.

Personally I feel like a got a better clearer perspective on databases and their functionalities, and the video production side was quite entertaining and interesting to learn about but however I realized that it wasn’t my main interest unlike Photography, and its not something which I would go further into in the near possible future.

Listed elements in regards to the project below:

Our Video Concept